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Our service isn't limited to thoughtless processing of whatever information we receive. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients, so that we can try to identify errors, allowing us to contact the client to ensure that the instruction is correct. You will have a dedicated member of staff who will be responsible for processing and controlling your records, and who will contact you to check any unusual or unclear instructions.

Sue Nicolson is a former director at Deutsche Bank where she had responsibility for managing a large team of people across three continents. She brings those skills and that experience to the firm where she specialises in employment and HR issues. Contact her today to discuss your needs.
Contracts of employment and employment manuals

Many employers fail to understand the importance of Contracts of Employment.

Contracts protect both employer and employee by clearly stating the rights and responsibilities of both parties. In the current economic climate, it is important that both parties are clear about what they can and cannot do, and what is expected of them, and a well drafted Contract of Employment will stop problems arising. Sue prefers to meet with employer and employees prior to replacing existing Contracts of Employment simply because this helps to identify any differences of understanding between the parties before drawing up documents that one party may disagree with.

Employment manuals state all of the company's policies for the avoidance of any doubt. It is a document which should be reviewed on a regular basis, but allows all parties to know where they stand.

One encouraging sign is that the majority of new start-ups are asking us to prepare standard Contracts for all current and future employees.

Discipline advice and support

If employees fail to undertake their duties properly, or there are issues about attendance, timekeeping or other aspects of their work, then the disciplinary process detailed in the Contract of Employment needs to be followed.

If the employer deviates from the written policy, or fails to implement the process, then they can leave themselves open to claims at an Industrial Tribunal, however much they feel they may have acted 'in good faith' or for the best of intentions.

Not everyone likes to take disciplinary action against employees, and in these circumstances Sue Nicolson can act as an independent advisor, and undertake the disciplinary meeting on your behalf.

We can also advise employees if they feel that they have been incorrectly treated by their employers, but please note that this does not extend to firms for whom we act as payroll agents.

Health and safety advice

We have associated consultants who have full Health and Safety qualifications and advice, and who can advice companies of every size to meet their responsibilities under the various Acts.

We can advise on handling, lighting, machinery safety, toxic chemicals, flammable substances, employee security and working procedures. We will work with the employer and employees to draw up a complete Health and Safety Policy for the company, and to ensure that it is implemented.

Many contractors now require confirmation that any sub-contractor has a valid Health and Safety policy in place before the contract can be awarded. It is likely that these are going to be checked more frequently by Contractors to protect themselves

All employers should be aware that not having a Health and Safety policy may be a criminal offence, and could also invalidate any insurance policy, should there be a claim.

Redundancy, lay-offs and downsizing policies and implementation

It is an unfortunate reality that unemployment is a real possibility for all employers and employees.

Having Contracts of Employment in place, and having properly documented disciplinary processes may help in an already unpleasant situation, but taking the hard decisions is never easy.

We can help you in assessing the need for headcount reductions and then advise on the various options available to you.

By working with you, we can make sure that you meet all your legal obligations and hence undertake the decisions in a fuly legal manner.

Secure webmail access to payslips

We can deliver your employee payslips and any other documentation - copy contracts of employment, employment manuals, memos, holiday guidance - direct to a secure webmail service, which the employees can access as and when it suits them.

Employers can store all the employer reports, analysis and copies of the employee documents in one wholly secure location.

The storage has 256-bit key encryption to protect your data, and to give you and your employees peace of mind.

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